Few Dare Tread

Onto Sekot

The Ardent-Class frigate brought the quick reaction force to planet of Zonama Sekot which is in a distant system at the edge of the Outer Rim. There they were greeted by a Master Shaper known as Kar’Enai Kwaad. Taking them to a cave system that would allow them to speak to Zonama Sekot. She tested them and found them worthy of continued conversation and showed them deeper into the cave complex to a device that was clearly of alien origin.

They discovered that the device was actually a portal network of some kind that linked them to another location that had no visible windows nor did they know its location. Having met various force entities both Light Side Spirits and Dark Side Wraiths warning them that the balance was beginning to tip back and forth between the sides once again.

After attempting to puzzle together what they saw they returned to speak to Sekot who instructed them to follow these instructions,



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