Kar'Enai Kwaad, Master Shaper


Species: Yuuzhan Vong
Height: 1.8 meters
Skin: Grey-violet
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Personality: Kar’Enai is a gentle woman that has devoted her life to medicine and science. Seeking to help those in need. A very quiet woman that prefers to watch and learn rather be vocal and seen. She hopes to help integrate her people into the Galactic community by showing the wider galaxy how much they have changed

Description: She appears like most other Yuuzhan Vong do in basic appearance. Though her body is heavily tattooed with graceful, curving lines and dedications to Yun-Ne’Shel the Modeler. Wearing a shapers headdress that would glow and writhe with her thoughts. It took on a more floral and gentle aspect than in previous generations. She has not sacrificed her hand for a shapers hand, the new tools developed on Zonama Sekot have made that unnecessary.

Her common style of dress is a vondunn crab breast plate with the rest of her body concealed by glowing and every shifting colored robes that barely let the hint of flesh beneath them.


Kar'Enai Kwaad, Master Shaper

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