Shen Kiari

Force-sensitive mercantilistic-diplomat


Standing at 1.7m tall, and typical of the Nagai, most would assume she was a dead huminoid if she didn’t walk around. Amongst the Nagai individuality is important in their appearance; Kiari has scarlet-red paint in the shape of a 2cm bar that crosses over both eyes. Her lips are colored in navy blue. A black line goes straight down from the outside of the red bar to her cheek bones, from there they take a 90° turn inwards to highlight her cheeks, then take another 90° to connect to her lips. Her hair is universally 15cm long fashioned into 18 liberty spikes, each a different dark hue.

The clothes she wears are no different from her head in a unique sense. She has a large beige collar that covers up her neck- and a purple scorpion tattoo as well- and clasps just below her chin on the left. Diagonally across the body rest a synthetic non-metallic metal metal hooks 10cm apart. Large scarlet red boxes, the same color over her eyes, goes on the outside of the hooks covering them up completely. The jacket itself is beige, though on the back a hand-painted print of a landscape from Naga exists, coated in a protective material. The length of the coat goes down to just above her ankles. The only piece of clothing exposed are her boots. A leather made from a species native to Naga with an dark iridescent shine. On the rare occasions she take the coat off, people can see the crimson-red lining and a small ripcord. When pulled it immediately retracts the coat into a small pouch within her utility belt.

Beneath her coat lies a pair of beige shorts that stop just above her knees. She wears a forest green shirt that has the same picture on the back. She keeps one of her miniaturized blasters in her bosom and another hidden between her shorts and her utility belt.

From her belt hangs extra powercells, spare comlinks for her team, food rations, and an all-temperature blanket.

Since taking jobs from the Triumvirate she has been seen wearing an armored flight-suit.

STR: 10
DEX: 12
CON: 08
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 21

Fortitude: 14
Reflex : 19
Will : 19

HP: 25


Born in 120ABY on the home planet of Nagi, raised without the strife caused by Darth Kryat but still tumultuous having few Tof outcrops. From a young age the idea of pride in battle was instilled within her, and to show for it she carries a traditional Tehk’la balde, however is not a universal sense of pride. She has no qualms about cut-throat politics and business. Still the relative safety of her parent’s lifestyle has kept her naive to the dangers the Galaxies hold.

Her family makes claims of lineage of Nagi’s ruling elite, and since the reclamation began has been acting like it more and more. Taking control of much of the trade coming into the planet they made their wealth and afforded the costly nature of politicking. Whether their nobility was originally claimed or true, it no longer mater for their society and member of the family believe it themselves now. Recently a tradition within the famaly has started. A right of passage, to go out into the The Galaxy to make new connections to other places of interest. Some have returned with mercenaries, in homage to the Mandalorian fighter that helped freed the home planet, to connections to the Huts, or even making diplomatic relationships with new planets and races.

Kiari set off in 128ABY aboard a family’s transport ship, but when she exited from Firefly into the galaxy she went on her own. She spent a few months in the Unknown Regions with a group of black market dealers, where she learned Huttese. From there she traveled to the outer-rim, learning Sriluurian and Cheunh and increase her understanding of people in the galaxy. After a year of traveling she finally started her own buisness. A trade route for natural fabrics, woven in different ways. Sold as exotic wears for different climates she has started making money. Within six months she set up an enterprise and gave the majority control to her employees mostly making dividends. Those that did not interact with the Empire and Republic were new territories, making expansion easy and profitable.

Attempting to make a statement within the galaxy she started moving in as she found making contacts difficult. The galaxy was in turmoil with the death of Darth Kryat. A perfect time to move in, however starting up a new company was near impossible. 5 months prior she made contacts for a few jobs with the Triumvirate. On her way to Coruscant, trying to fix a damaged arm of her droid, she happened a Psi. Seeing Psi’s complete lack of understanding of a market, she took him with her. Using his skills for her own gain. A month ago, she was given a new job. One finally able to start her short-term career in the galaxy, taking Psi with her they travel to Zonama Sekot.

Shen Kiari

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