The ship did not always bear the name the Unbowed, when her keel was first laid down she was given the name of the Striker. At the end of the Sith-Imperial War her squad was caught by Star Destroyer and with the use of interdiction mines they were unable to flee. Despite being out numbered the three ships fought. Their captains agreeing to fight until the ships are destroyed or until they overrun by boarding parties. Her sister ships the Cutlass and Javelin were lost to the Sith but they continued to fight. Lucky strikes from their weapons batteries crippled the Star Destroyer.

With the largest ship disabled they utilized their speed and power to destroy those interdiction mines to escape into Hyperspace. They returned to Bastion to report on what happened. To show for the bravery and skill of her Captain and crew the vessel was renamed the Unbowed. After repairs and refits to make it one of the most advanced Ardent-Class Fast Frigates in the fleet.

Once the war ended the Unbowed became a symbol of cooperation in new Triumvirate with a crew of both the Galactic Alliance and the Empire. Now the ship serves to ferry high ranking dignitaries and other personnel to high profile functions.

- – - – -

The bulk of the time in between planets and tasks will be spent on board the Unbowed. Other craft may be assigned on as needed basis until it comes a time to gain their own transport.


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